About me

Hi! I am Andreia Martini and I am so happy that you are here visiting my website. Here you will find some of my works.

I graduated in Graphic Design in my country (Brazil), and always had a curiosity for travel. I worked in a Tourism agency where I could learn about new places and new languages.

With that experience, I decided to take an extra step and live in a different country.
I choose Ireland, where I worked in customer service learning how to communicate in a different language and while also learning a new culture.

I started to get interested in user experience when I worked for Apple customer service. There I had contact with all types of customers and their difficulties. This opened my mind to the new world, how important to put yourself in the user’s place. So, I decided to become a UX Designer.

I gained two certificates and I will keep learning what I really love.

At moment I am living in Portugal with my partner, near to the sun. We have a daughter cat named Cachaca and at the weekends, we love to stay at the beach and enjoy and admire nature.

Feel free to explore my website and contact me, enjoy 🙂